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Most Effective Topics for Writing a Compare and Contrast Essay

Compare and contrast essays show ways in which two things are either similar or different. The subject could be just about anything as long as it fits this structure. Writing a compare and contrast essay requires identifying two things that offer an interesting comparison. The resulting paper should teach its reader something or explain something in a way that sheds new light on the connection between the two. It doesn't have to use groundbreaking ideas or be profound in any way, it just needs to satisfy this structural requirement in order to qualify. Compare and contrast essay topics don’t need to be serious, those could be something you find funny or entertaining for whatever reason.

Structuring Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for College Students

Most probably, your professor is grading you on the structure of your paper and the delivery of your arguments. He or she will be looking for logical conclusions and an overall approach that proves that you understand how to gain new information from comparing two things. The same goes for high school students. This approach to analyzing something is actually incredibly useful and you may find yourself using it to write papers for other classes whether or not you are required to use this format. For middle school attendees all the way up to PhD, this approach can be used for a variety of fields. Even for elementary students, this layout can be used to satisfy writing requirements for almost any class.

Where Excellent Compare and Contrast Essay Topics Come from

Since interesting compare and contrast essay topics come in a variety of different forms, which topic suits your paper best is entirely up to you as long as it's something that meets the parameters of the assignment. Many professors like to leave the duty of selecting the subject completely up to the students. It's a great way to encourage students to find something they actually want to write about  and dissect the subject in order to unearth new ideas. They may come up with deep and meaningful subjects, or funny compare and contrast essay topics that are entertaining to read. The choice is theirs and that’s likely what makes the whole process more worthwhile for the professor, seeing new ideas from students and learning more about the things they care about.

The Purpose of this Assignment and What Your Professor Expects

The realizations made during the writing process are part of the reason why your professor assigned you an academic paper of this kind in the first place. It's a new way of exploring certain subject matter and using critical thinking skills to discover the similarities or differences between two separate things, and hopefully be able to understand why. Your professor wants you to demonstrate this with your work. If you do, you will most likely get a better grade on your assignment than with something you don’t care about. Your professor will surely be able to tell the difference when reading it.

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