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High school students around the world are seeking to gain advantages in the college admissions process wherever possible. And who can blame them given how competitive college admissions have become? With many top colleges and universities now accepting fewer than 10% of applicants, the need for a top-notch application is clear. Here are a few schools and their acceptance rates:

  • Stanford University – 4.7%
  • Yale University – 6.3%
  • University of Chicago – 7.8%
  • MIT – 8%

This is just a random sample of top schools; many more have seen their admissions rates reach similar levels. With many schools being extremely selective, a rapidly growing number of students are looking to buy custom essay. A single mistake in an application could doom an applicant, making this shift to professional assistance understandable. With our staff of professional writers and affordable rates, has become a leader in the field of college admissions essay writing.

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