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Finding the Perfect Argumentative Essay Topics

You might be wondering what exactly an argumentative essay is. To be defined, they use facts or figures to prove or disprove a thesis statement set by the author. They provide an explanation of two sides of the same issue, offering an overview of key points for or against each. Argument essay topics should not to be confused with persuasive writing. They are not the same. Persuasive papers are designed to provoke the reader into action. Argumentative essay topics are not. They are based on facts and opinions rather than primarily being based on appealing to the reader to take action in some way.

How to Write an Argumentative Essay

Just like you may have learned as early as middle school, these papers have a basic five paragraph structure. A typical, short argumentative essay is made up of:

  • Introduction
  • Main point 1
  • Main point 2
  • Main point 3
  • Conclusion

This layout can be found being used with argument essay topics anywhere. It’s the proper way to set up your paper. Your professor will expect you to use this layout unless otherwise stated. Now that you have the structure already in front of you, all you need is to figure out what exactly you will be writing about.

10 Easy Argumentative Essay Topics for College Students

The best kinds of subjects to choose are ones that you can write a lot about without having to do so much research. If you already have some experience or prior knowledge in a field, selecting ideas that pertain to it will lighten the workload and allow you to focus on the process more than the research. The result should be a better paper that is more attentive and well thought. Being rushed is never good, so the more you know when you start, the more opportunity you’ll have to polish your paper and make it really stand out. Here are a few fascinating, intriguing, or funny argumentative essay topics that you can use to capture your audience:

  1. Do prisoners deserve the right to vote?
  2. Should parents be able to spank their children?
  3. When is military force justified?
  4. Is the use of animals for research purposes justified? 
  5. Is gun control an effective method of reducing crime?
  6. To what extent are electric cars a solution to global pollution?
  7. Should cities preserve old buildings?
  8. Should high school education be mandatory?
  9. Is sugar really bad for you?
  10. Does being a vegetarian or vegan help the environment?


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