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Job hunting is, invariably, becoming the grueling war of attrition that nobody wants to engage in after college, yet presents an opportunity for many students who’ve graduated, have plenty of time on their hands, or simply want to hone their interviewing skills for career stardom. Your custom personal statement has one prime directive: keep the interviews coming, doling out as much viral impact and keep your education fresh. provides an excellent method to get these personal statements on the road to success without fighting attrition wars with others.

Since recent estimates put college education roughly in the $50k-$200k range on average, having a steady flow of hungry students through universities all-year is imminent. Getting work afterwards, unfortunately, isn’t. Your time to buy personal statement essays hasn’t been better calculated.

Our Solutions

Our solutions are tailor-made to drive highly targeted interviews to your curriculum vitae at cost- effective rates indicative of budget-conscious students like yourself. Backed by an incredible writing company like, you’ll be exposed to more than great writing for your collegiate entrance efforts. From our own writing website, the professional process far outweighs the small fees charged:

  • Students submit their personal statement requirements via our secure form;
  • If specific writers were chosen, he or she will begin assessing your needs;
  • You’ll pay your small writing fee, then your writer will commence to outlining;
  • Upon completion, provided no revisions are requested, you will have a well-polished essay!

Since you’re time is consumed with collegiate-related manners, writing your own statements could be time consuming; this is why you’re encouraged to use any personal statement writer we employ. You’ll receive the most comprehensive package of college entrance or resume tools at your fingertips while being fully exposed to thousands of employers often seeking the next person to hire.

Don’t Fall For Traps!

Just about every illegitimate company employing personal statement writers has concocted some sort of playbook or methodology to the written internet. But one expert says there is no real science to written internet virility – at least no surefire method. provides an intuitive platform for students like yourself to get their hands on personal statements fairly, and affordably.

Yes, we will write my personal statement, and yours, and everyone’s!

We Even Write Monologues!

Although personal statements are typically issued to assess your employability, monologues are still used for various reasons throughout academia. It’s also common practice for educational institutions such as college programs and private acting schools to request a monologue for theatrical education. Additionally, casting directors and talent agents may also request a monologue for general auditions. When you buy personal statement assignments from us, we’re always asking what genre of education you are entering; if heading directly into theater school, your personal statement will essentially become an example monologue.

Why Not Write My Own?

On one hand, writing your own personal statements are great for being sure that your material has not been heard. On the other hand, writing your own statement essay can be a waste of time; that’s why students buy personal essay writings from us. A perfect statement essay truly requires the finesse of a writing expert. It wouldn’t be worthwhile to devote time into creating a piece without the technical skills needed to write a great statement essay. Not to mention, the purpose of a statement essay is to bring your life to the forefront, easily accomplished by someone from the outside looking in.

“Why ask to write my personal statement for me?”

Quite frankly, because our expertise will provide the excellent content your statements deserve. We await your contact today so we can begin writing you into your next job interview or theatrical session.